Why I’m Voting For Trump

I usually stay quiet on politics. Honestly because I just don’t care about it. I know I should but I just don’t. Who’s in the White House, what law’s they make it affects me but I’d rather live my life acting like it doesn’t.

This election has been different. Before we got down to the two candidates it was all because of Donald Trump. He was ridiculous. he was over the top, frankly he was entertaining. I latched onto Trump in the beginning because he was different. He wasn’t the generic politician. I thought hey maybe that’s what we need someone with a different outlook, a different approach.

Now I know that was and is ridiculous. Trump is a jackass. He says things that make him look like a jackass. They also make anyone that would consider voting for him look like a jackass also.

Then there is Hillary.

She’s probably the more reliable candidate. She’s got a history in politics. She’s not foreign to this world. She knows what goes on in. That should give her the edge. That should be what you want in a President. The candidate with the superior political experience. But there’s the email scandal. I don’t know where I honestly stand on all of that but it’s enough for me to doubt her. Truth be told I’m sure more politicians do things like that when we think. The difference is we usually just don’t ever hear about it.

For me it comes down to one issue:  Insurance

Obamacare is an absolute disaster. I hate it. I can’t stand it. When a doctor told, me I needed surgery last year on my shoulder I couldn’t afford to get the MRI I needed and start the process because of my insurance. My fantastic policy through Obamacare didn’t cover any of that. I still need that surgery and haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

Now Obamacare rates are about to skyrocket. So, you want me to pay anywhere from 60 to 100% more for bad insurance coverage? On what planet, does that make sense?

Donald Trump wants to repeal Obamacare. Is his health insurance plan perfect? No, it has some holes in it for sure. BUT IT’S NOT OBAMACARE.  It puts some control back in the hands of the people which I’m a fan of.

Electing Donald Trump is going to be change. Some of it without a doubt will be bad change. Some of it is going to be good change. I think the change he wants to do to Insurance is good. With his background of making money I think he could bring good change to the economy and job market.

He isn’t going to be able build a wall. He isn’t going to be able to outlaw all illegals or whatever crazy thing he claimed about that. Do I think Trump is going to be a great President? No probably not. He is going to be different. Different is what this country needs. The status quo has not been working. Maybe different will. If it doesn’t than maybe it will cause the traditional politicians to realize they need to change their ways and change the system. If they don’t this country might elect Kim Kardashian or Kanye West as President next.

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  1. Even without any kind of insurance, you can get a “cash price” shoulder MRI adequate for any kind of surgery for $300. Are you saying you can’t raise $300, even under dire circumstances? That’s what it costs at any imaging center in any major city. Any machine of 1.0T field strength or greater will do. Takes about 40 minutes.

    (I’m a recently retired Imaging Tech.)


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