As a Christian, voting wasn’t easy

(Disclaimer: This is not a Christian based website, however, it is an opinion based site, and I understand these are definitely the opinions of my own.)

I’m not really sure where America is at today. The country seems perplexed beyond disbelief today as we are all coming to the realization that Donald Trump is the 45th president of the United States. Now whether that be from the fact that Trump never held political office or served in the military prior, or that you just can’t fathom THE Donald Trump is our new commander and chief and that he managed to get a majority of the country to vote for him — that’s your call.

But what seemed like a distant, punchline to a joke, is now an upclose, dramatic reality.

This was only the second time I’ve voted in my lifetime. The last one was during the Obama-Romney election. Admittedly, I’m not a huge political person because, basically, and this may sound terrible, but politics are most times depressing and boring. Sorry, I’d much rather debate about sports, movies or other forms of entertainment — the things that really don’t matter. Arguing politics seems more like a selfish agenda most times, and it always seems like you are talking back to yourself other than the person you are trying to speak to. I mean, whose mind are you actually changing?

But for this particular election I had an array of emotions for weeks that went from everywhere to apathetic (because I thought after the leaked Trump recordings it was all but over) to anxious (because I just wanted it to be over with) to convicted.

Why convicted you ask?

Some, I’m sure think just because I’m white, live in a strong conservative state like Tennessee, and I am a devout Christian that Trump was a no-brainer for a vote from me. Are you right on some levels? Sure. But, honestly, the toughest decision was to make the decision at all.

First of all, some are still asking, “How did we get down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as our two choices?” They are by far the most hated candidates in American history, but yet, they were the main ones on the ballot, and Donald Trump will be in the White House on January 20.

I think what America is misunderstanding is that these two were a direct representation of this country and they didn’t even realize it. Liars, cheats, thieves, racists, fakes, sexual deviants, and every other sin you can imagine — that’s America now, that’s it’s citizens.

That includes me and you.

It’s striking to me that we all clamor for these clean, moral contributors to represent our country or state or county — but how can we possibly do that when “clean” and “moral” can’t actually be defined any longer if they are constantly changing. In other words, what is actually good any longer and what is actually bad?

Do we not live in the You do you, bro, world now? Meaning that you should do whatever you feel is right and not worry about the consequences, or better yet, complain about the consequences later, claiming it’s not fair or that it’s against your rights.

We didn’t want what we have become, even though we’ve done it to ourselves by turning a blind eye and manipulating people, the law, and most importantly, the creator himself, God (or at least we think we have with him).

I know that becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, even acknowledging or talking about him is definitely not the popular decision these days, but the world I see now needs him more than ever because we have separated ourselves so far from him and the principles of God’s word. I mean, how many times during this election did you say, “How did we get here?” Or, “What are we going to do?”

I know I said it multiple times.

We put our faith in so many things with the hope of either a constant or a change from the smallest things in our lives to the largest ones. It’s as small as having faith that our car will start to take us to work and getting us there safely to as it is as large as thinking our new leader will “Make America Great Again.”

We ultimately know neither.

And that’s where the convicting part came in for me.

I remember thinking, “Lord, how much more blood will be on my hands with this decision?” To some, that might sound completely insane. But it’s true. We’ve all got blood on our hands at this point. I was just trying to determine which one I thought would cause less bloodshed.

As I turned the knob clicking on the vote for Trump, I literally had to say, “Wow, I’m really voting for this, this is the lesser of two evils…I guess.” I was proud to use my privilege and freedom to vote, but it was one of the few times where freedom and privilege didn’t feel comfortable.

The scary part for anyone in this world is what the future holds because none of us can know it. And as I was voting, and even after, I just imagined what would be next, in the coming days, after the inauguration, after the first year, the second, the third — will we get that far? — and at the end of the term.

Thankfully, I don’t know the future, shouldn’t necessarily fret over it, and should continue to put my ultimate trust in the one who does know it, and holds it in his nail-pierced hands.

“One day America and all its presidents will be a footnote in history, but the kingdom of Jesus Christ will never end.” – John Piper

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